Floor Meijers (1980) creates portraits in various media.

Since her studies at the Rietveld Academy Floor Meijers has been making series of portraits that emphasize the seemingly staged quality of everyday life.

The portraits in advertising, on displays in public space, on your phone, are ubiquitous. By editing an existing image I am re-capturing it somehow, placing it in a manipulated context to re-appropriate it.

I work at the intersection of analogue painting (watercolour/gouache) and digital image manipulation using images that derive from a variety of sources, such as dating apps, family archives and news photography. A fascination lies in the tension of public exposure of a closed/private scene.

In addition to the individual works, she works on long-term documentary photography projects.
These time-centered series emphasize the effect of repetition and awareness of the viewer's gaze in specific personal relationships.